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  • 100Meter Water Detector
  • 100Meter Water Detector
  • 100Meter Water Detector
100Meter Water Detector100Meter Water Detector100Meter Water Detector

100Meter Water Detector

  • Product description: Product description: M100 Automatic Mapping Water Detector for Drilling Water Well

PQWT-M100 & M200 & M400 Water Detector

PQWT-M mobile water detector is based on the Earth's electromagnetic field as the field source, based on the difference in the conductivity of different underground geological structures, and by studying the variation law of the electric field components at different frequencies to study the geological structure and changes, to find groundwater resources by scientific method.

Changes in geological structure are displayed in real-time through multiple curves.

Automatic form mapping geological profile by one key operate easily, get rid of complicated computer graphics. The site can quickly understand the geological structure through the automatic mapping curve and profile, and analyze specific information such as aquifers, fractures, faults, and caves.

The instrument is widely used in the rapid analysis of geological structure changes in different terrains such as plains, hills, mountains, plateaus, and basins to determine well locations, aquifers, and aquifer depth.


1. No need to register

2. No need network, no need traffic

3. Automatically draw geological profile map

4. Suitable for various terrain exploration

5. Expert remote assistance to find location

6. No experience person can operate in 5 minutes

7. Two years warranty.

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