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Good praise to Exmork wind turbine from consumers

Also I want to ask you about our turbine, it is working very well, and maybe to good. If I control the sell voltage of the inverter to about 50 volts DC, the turbine will produce about 70 to 80 amps DC when the winds are about 25 mph to 30 mph. That figures to about 4200 to 5400 watts. The inverter is a 4000 watt inverter and it will come off line when it reaches over 30 amps AC that it is selling to the grid. Should I leave the system set at this voltage or should I set the sell voltage higher so I keep that amps and watts of the turbine down.?


A Consumer in USA who install the HM4.0-3KW Wind Turbine


We picked up the goods, after looking at them we are impressed. if the system work as good as it looks we will have no problem selling the systems. tomorrow we will start to install the system and will let you know how things turn out. thank you so much for all of your time and help with everything. 


A Consumer in USA


The turbine that you sent us is working just fine. We are very satisfied of its effectiveness. We just want you to tell us how many hours (or days) can the turbine work constantly. Is there a problem if the turbine works constantly without stopping?


A Consumer who has installed two units CJ-1.5KW water turbine in Greece  


I come Back to Bgota. All in the Islan is OK. The hybrid system is working perfect Many thanks for your help In one month more that I come back I `ll conet the second inverter two KW. I am very happy with the system is very good solutions for manya reas in our contry. 



 A Consumer in Colombia 


Today I have received at my house the wind turbine and solar panels, we have unpacked it all and it all seems of very good quality. I will let you know as soon as we have it up and running. I would like to thankyou very much for all of your help and support of helping me import goods from china for the first time. Thanks to you it has all been worth while.I hope you are keeping well and I will be in touch

A Consumer in Spain 

Did you receive the Video of the 5 KVA in storm winds of 115 Kms?. It was making 7.5 KVA 150 Amps.Conditions in Australia can be very bad.It performed really good. We have taken great care of our Customers to sell them good reliable products so they will tell their friends good News. The 5 Kva is GOOD News. 


A Consumer in Australia 


thank you for all your help I got my goods yesterday they are really beautiful and I am very imprested the way they were packed and the units it self this is the start of a good relationship hope to place next order soon now that I know how it works with the imports it will go easier.

Kind regards 


A Consumer in Africa 


in atachment You can see first instalated windgenerator Exmork in Croatia.

This will bee a great news in newspaper and two television show.

This week will bee a second instalation 500 model on one island.

I will send to You also picture of this instalation.

First instalated WG is instalated in vilage without electricity in last 30 years.

When we started WG and electricity in this vilage is bee great hapines and party after that.


Best regards from me.


A Consumer in Croatia