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DTH Drill Rod

DTH drill rod is a robust and durable drill pipe used in DTH drilling operations. It plays a crucial role in transmitting impact energy and rotation from the DTH hammer to the drill bit, allowing for efficient and effective drilling in various industries.


DTH drill pipe is mainly used for drilling broken, anchor drilling, geothermal air conditioning holes, well and other drilling.
The material pipe are purchased from Well-known large-scale enterprises. Pipe body are IU(internal upset) and EU(external upset) at two side. 

Pipe is connected with joint by friction welding, after this process, the pipe will be tempering treated, the joint of pipe will be upsetted and temperng treatment, and do the nitriding treatment on surface. in this way, thread gluing, breacking, and cracking are avoided effectively. the joint is more wire-resisting, pipes are easy to disassemble.
All thread are machined by precision CNC lathe and shaping tools. We have equiped all thread by international standard screw gauge, in this case, our drill pipe is more stable and longer working life.


We can not only manufacture API standard thread drill pipe in different material, length, diameter, and thickness, also can provide customized  service.





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