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Forged HDD Drill Rod

Forged HDD Drill Rod refers to a type of drill rod used in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations that is manufactured using the forging process.Forging is a manufacturing method that involves shaping metal by applying compressive forces to it. In the case of HDD drill rods, the raw material, typically high-quality alloy steel, is heated and then shaped under high pressure using forging equipment. This process ensures the material is uniformly distributed and results in a strong and durable drill rod.


HDD drill rod is mainly used for engineering of horizontal directly drilling, pipelin throughing and laying. Pipe body is made of specialized material that reach the API standard, the performance is very stable. The unique twice-thicken techniqueof joint make the transition zone very smooth and reduce the resistance of mud. The thread of connection have been treated by liquid nitrogen. it permete deeper than traditional trchnique, the surface hardness is higher. The thread are machined by precision CNC lathe and shaping tools. We equipped all thread with international standard screw gauge, thus our drill pipe is stable and long woring life.

Forged HDD drill rods offer several advantages. Firstly, the forging process enhances the structural integrity of the drill rod, making it highly resistant to bending, breaking, and other forms of mechanical stress during drilling operations. The forged material has a grain structure that provides improved strength and toughness compared to other manufacturing methods.

Secondly, forged drill rods have excellent dimensional accuracy and consistency. The precise shaping achieved through forging ensures uniformity in diameter, length, and other critical dimensions, which is crucial for proper fit and operation of the drill rod in the HDD equipment.

Furthermore, forged HDD drill rods exhibit enhanced wear resistance and can withstand the abrasive forces encountered during drilling through various soil and rock formations. The forged material possesses a dense and uniform microstructure that contributes to its superior performance in harsh drilling conditions.

Forged HDD drill rods are available in different sizes and configurations to suit specific drilling requirements. They are designed to provide optimal performance, longevity, and reliability in HDD operations.

In summary, forged HDD drill rods are drill rods manufactured using the forging process, resulting in strong, durable, and dimensionally accurate drill rods. They offer enhanced structural integrity, wear resistance, and reliability, making them well-suited for Horizontal Directional Drilling applications.




 We can manufacture the drill pipe that can be match Ditch WWitch, American Augers, Case, Vermeer, Dilong drill machine.





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