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Friction Welding HDD Drill Rod

Friction Welding HDD Drill Rod refers to a type of drill rod used in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations, where friction welding is utilized to join the components of the drill rod together.HDD is a trenchless method of installing underground pipelines, conduits, and cables by drilling horizontally from a starting point to a target destination. The drill rod used in HDD operations must be durable, reliable, and capable of withstanding the challenging drilling conditions.


1. HDD drill pipe is mainly uused for engineer of  horizontal drilling, pipeline threading and laying. 

2. The pipe body is made of the specialized material that reach the API standard. 

3. After quenching and tempering, the pipe  body can reach the steel grade of G105 or S135, the performance is ver stable. 

4. The pipe end upsetting reaches the standard of API 5DP. The joint is fored by workblank steel, after the rough machining, the joint is treatedd by quenching and tempering. 

5. After the fnsih machining, the joint is be nitriding heat treated. the double shoulder ant-twist joint is adopted the design of internal and external composite shoulder structure.

6.  All thread are machined by precision CNC lathe and shaping tools. 

7. We equipped all thread with international standard screw gauhe. 

8. In this case, our drill pipe is very stable and long working life.



 We can manufacture the drill pipe that can be match Ditch WWitch, American Augers, Case, Vermeer, Dilong drill machine.





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