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Maintenance method of cement brick pavement


Cement brick pavement is a common road material. Correct maintenance methods can extend its service life and improve the bearing capacity and safety of the road. Here are some maintenance methods for cement brick pavement:

1. Initial maintenance:

- After the cement bricks are laid, keep the pavement dry to avoid moisture infiltration.

- Avoid vehicles and pedestrians entering the pavement before the laid cement bricks are completely dry.

- Regularly check whether the pavement has cracks, hollows or deformations, and repair them in time.

2. Daily maintenance:

- Regularly clean the pavement, remove debris and water, and keep the pavement clean and dry.

- Be careful to avoid using chemical cleaners to avoid damage to cement bricks.

- Regularly check the joints between pavement bricks and caulking materials, and repair broken bricks or caulking in time.

3. Prevent heavy pressure:

- Avoid parking heavy vehicles or machinery on cement brick pavement for a long time to avoid excessive pressure on the pavement.

- In areas where heavy vehicles need to be parked, use appropriate support pads to reduce direct pressure on the pavement.

4. Prevent chemical corrosion:

- Avoid using strong acidic and alkaline chemicals to contact cement brick pavement to avoid corrosion.

- In areas where there is leakage, clean and deal with it in time to prevent damage to the road surface.

5. Winter maintenance:

- In the cold winter, remove snow and ice on the road surface in time, and avoid using snow melting agents to avoid corrosion of the road surface.

- Regularly check the joints between the pavement bricks and the caulking materials, and repair them in time.

The maintenance methods of cement brick pavement are very important to keep the road surface intact and service life. The above maintenance methods can help you keep the cement brick pavement in good condition, increase its service life, and improve the safety and comfort of the road surface.



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